3 steps to build a sustainable future:

We are (RE)SET.


Ongoing Programs


Collaborate to find the most competitive alternatives to plastic packaging


Develop new solutions to improve the sustainability of furniture through its lifecycle

(RE)SET is the first Open Innovation Agency entirely dedicated to Circular Economy and Environmental Challenges

What is (Re)Set

Our Open Innovation Programs enable industry leaders to reinforce competitiveness through sustainability.

As creating value is the only way to combine growth and sustainability, the (RE)SET way consists in bringing tangible and competitive solutions to environmental challenges by teaming up leaders of a given industry with top innovators in the circular economy field.

  • textile

  • water treatment

  • biowaste

  • furniture

  • plastic packaging

What to expect

Reinforce your competitiveness through circular economy

  • An action-oriented strategic analysis – from potential to action.

  • A tight and agile project group – beyond internal boundaries.

  • Innovative solutions that are tested in real life and ready for use – more than new mindset a new practical way of doing business.

  • An internal and external communication program – an open innovation spirit that will reinforce the Corporate Brand.

Future growth will be green. And driven by circular economy.
We give you the means to get there fast.
Act now to build your future competitiveness.

Who we are

A team of senior experts in circular economy

(RE)SET is a company dedicated to the implementation of a circular economy.

Our diverse team includes professionals with a breadth of skills in circularity, materials, waste and FMCG, who benefit from complementary careers in the institutional sector, the business world and capital venture. With a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations, eco-design and waste valorization, our team is uniquely qualified and committed to its task.

We provide our clients with the resources and insights to meet both new regulations and public expectations. Thereby laying the foundations for a more sustainable and resilient business.

Our mission: helping companies and industries accelerate their ecological transitions.

Our motto: take concrete and effective actions.

More than a consulting team, we want to be the driving force of those committed to carry out tomorrow’s ecological and economic transition.

An agile and efficient partner to achieve concrete results

Our main goal: « twisting » existing models quickly to achieve tangible results.

With our agile and practical 360° approach, we help our client identify circular issues, find innovative solutions and launch industrial pilot projects.
Our method and our tools allow companies to implement their transformations step by step to obtain tangible results.

We work for a single party or for consortiums. But each time, we insist on the challenges of the ecosystem and to do it together, because even an undisputed leader in its sector will not be able to (RE)SET its product, its service, on its own. It will need its upstream and downstream partners to succeed and to share the investment.

We are convinced that collaboration is the new competition!

At (RE)SET we combine:

  • Deep expertise in sustainability and circular economy with solid experience in innovation, open innovation, and acceleration.

  • Profound understanding of Corporates’ challenges, needs and constraints and of Startups’ and SMB contexts, potential and limitations.

  • A strong connection to global investors, incubators, corporates, startups, SMB, universities and research labs.

  • 100% commitment to source the best in class solutions for each challenge and make things happen.